Monday, June 24, 2013

June 20, 2013

Day 20 - cute

Our Zelda, always cute! :-)

June 19, 2013

Day 19 - currently reading

Food magazines, that's what I'm mostly reading right now. I'll leave the books for fall and indoor times.

June 18, 2013

Day 18 - street

The view of our new house from the street.

June 17, 2013

Day 17 - centered

Linus and Daniel eating ice cream and watching the kids playing football. We took a bike ride after dinner in the wonderful summer weather.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

June 16, 2013

Day 16 - family

Our extended family at the summer house.

Our sweet boxer girl Ebba died two weeks ago, and this week her ashes came back. We decided to get together today to bury her.

It was sad, but comforting to know that we all loved and miss her.

Afterwards we grilled hamburgers and enjoyed the nice summer evening. Unfortunately without Ebba standing in the water looking for fishes.. :-/

June 15, 2013

Day 15 - from above

Beer-butt-chicken on the barbecue.

We had friends over for dinner tonight, and thought this could be both tasty and fun. We've never tried it before but the chicken turned out really nice. We'll definitely do it again!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

June 14, 2013

Day 14 - texture

The different texture of the clothes drying outside in the windy weather.

June 13, 2013

Day 13 - kitchen

Today our new house finally arrived and the actual building on site has started. To celebrate we had some bubbles and the first swedish strawberries for the season all set on the kitchen counter.

June 12, 2013

Day 12 - 11 o'clock

Ok, this photo may or may not have been taken on the right day, but the most important is that on June 12 at 11 o'clock I sat in front of my computer at a meeting, and the screen looked just like this. :-)

June 11, 2013

Day 11 - something funny

Cows. I can't help it, but I think cows are funny. And these certainly had fun cause they were playing with each other.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

June 10, 2013

Day 10 - you!

Me, at the pub, having a beer and food with some work-related friends. Nice start of the week!

June 9, 2013

Day 9 - from down low

Zelda in the top bunch of the bed, looking for a way down.

Monday, June 10, 2013

June 8, 2013

Day 8 - an animal

Zelda is enjoying spending time in the sun, and I'm enjoying watching princess Madeleine's wedding on the tv, and we are both enjoying this relaxed camping life. :-)

June 7, 2013

Day 7 - bright

Kalmarsund VIII shines bright in the evening light.

After a nice geocaching walk on Alvaret today we took the bikes and went to Färjestaden for dinner in the small harbor.

June 6, 2013

Day 6 - transport

Here is the car that has been taken us around southern Öland, all the way down to the lighthouse Långe Jan. It has been a fantastic day with lots to see and wonderful weather.

June 5, 2013

Day 5 - environment

The Baltic Sea, and parts of Öland.

For the upcoming four-day-weekend (National day tomorrow) we packed the caravan and went to Öland. As today was normal workday we arrived quite late, but it is nice to be here.

June 4, 2013

Day 4 - after dark

Our courtyard right before bedtime.

June 3, 2013

Day 3 - on my table

For some reason one corner of our kitchen table always clutter up with papers, glasses, groceries soon-to-be-eaten, and other stuff.

June 2, 2013

Day 2 - a moment

The fog is lifting from the lake in the morning.

We stepped out from the caravan and saw this fantastic view where the clouds climbs up the hill from Lake Vättern.

June 1, 2013

Day 1 - B is for...

Today B is for beloved, or maybe beer.

After a geocaching round by bike along Lake Vättern we stopped at the marina and had a beer in the sunshine.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

June, 2013

May 31, 2013

Day 31 - four things

Four things that is good to have on a geocaching round. The frog is a travel bug; picked up from one cache, eagerly waiting to continue its trip via another cache.

May 30, 2013

Day 30 - tool

The tool used to open the drink for tonight's dinner.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

May 29, 2013

Day 29 - kiss

Today the day came, the day we knew were about to come. The day when we had to kiss our loved boxer girl Ebba goodbye.

Living since long on overtime due to a heart condition, the awareness of the limited time she had been given was always there.

And then the years past, one after another. And she continued to bring us both joy and sorrow in all the different ways. But no sign of thinking of giving up.

This morning though, she was not the same. And soon we realized that this was the day. The day when Ebba would have to leave us.

Thanks sweetie for everything! You were and are deeply loved.