Monday, November 30, 2009

Day 334

Every Tuesday and Thursday lunch Daniel, I and one of our work-mates go to the gym that is located at work. Afterwards we eat our lunch in the cafeteria, and mostly we have brought food from home. Today was time to fill up the freezer with new lunch boxes for training days. Daniel made a delicious goulash, with lots of green lenses, meet, pepper and carrots in it, so now we can look forward to several tasty lunches.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Day 333

The first of advent. Now it is only four weeks left until Christmas.

We put up the lights today, and realized that we hadn't got an advent wreath for the living lights. After looking through several shops we found this one in our grocery shop. It was plain white, but we decorated it with silver snow-flakes to make it a little more funnier.

Day 332

We have helped a friend to move this weekend, and my mission was to go to IKEA and do some shopping. All the guys hate IKEA, and especially on a Saturday the weekend after salary. I don't mind, so I went there to pick up some necessities for the kitchen and also curtains.

This little cutie were also involved in the moving. One of the other guys who helped brought him. Ebba wasn't too pleased. She is used to be the boss, but this one didn't mind her growling, he just stood there looking interested. But none of them did anything more than that.

Day 331

I wrote the other day about the orchids starting to bloom. This is how far we have come now. There will soon be buds and hopefully flowers.

Day 330

It is soon time for advent, and a tree with lights has been set up on our courtyard at home. It would be very nice if it wasn't for its tilting appearance. :) I hope the weather stays calm, a windy night could probably put this poor pine to the ground.

Anyway, it IS nice with the lights. This weekend there will be stars and wreaths in windows everywhere, and also lights in trees and bushes. It makes the dark November transit into a bright December.

Day 329

Mm, mussels cocked with wine, parsley and onion. These were really good; big and healthy. Sometimes there are lots of dead ones in the net, but we only threw away one or two this time.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Day 328

Ebba is (im-)patiently waiting for her food. She has been telling us for a long time that she wanted to eat, but still she is waiting for the "help yourself" before she digs into it.

Day 327

Another picture of Daniel and Ebba. This is a dog that loves to cuddle!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Day 326

My Daniel is back home from his trip to India! Finally! Both Ebba and I are very happy, and so is he.

Day 325

We had a very relaxed day, with just some cleaning on the patio and then a visit to the shops in town. In the evening we chatted away around the table, and then made a pie for dinner. And cupcakes!

My mum works at a pharmacy, and she brought me a little goodie-bag, with among other a little satchel of saffron. We used the saffron to make saffron cupcakes with lime-frosting. Do I have to say that they turned out delicious? =)

Day 324

Every November the city where we lives brights up the town with different light installations. About 20 designers are engaged in this, and it is kind of an early Christmas decorations without the winterly theme. This installation for example consists of multiple plastic balls, each with a glass chandelier inside. It was very beautiful.

My mother and father came to visit me today, as Daniel isn't home until Sunday, and I was very happy with the company. We went for a walk with Ebba and had a look at this light installation and then another one, before heading home and making tacos.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Day 323

The rain has been pouring down the whole day. I went to pick up Ebba after work (she was with Linus' mother yesterday as I was out and Daniel is traveling), and it was a little scary to drive as it is all black and the rain makes it almost impossible to see anything. But it all went well and we got home safe.

The cats wasn't too impressed of the weather either. They both went out for a short while, sitting the whole time on our patio that has a roof. When they got in again Zelda curled up in Linus' bed inside his Lightning McQueen blanket. It looks very cozy!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Day 322

We had a team activity at work, and continued with bowling and food afterwards in town. It was fun. I usually play one strike and then one roll hitting nothing, but this time I managed to do lots of spares in a row. The score was not fantastic, but I was very happy with my 144.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Day 321

Zoey in the bathroom. For some strange, and to me unbelievable reason, the water in the floor drain in the bathroom is a lot more likable than the water in her bowl in the kitchen.

We always have the lid off on this one, cause the sound (preferably at night) when she lifts it on her own, is horrible. Sometimes a claw gets stuck, and she has to toss the metallic lid around to get rid of it. I don't know how many times I have waken up and been sure there are burglars in the house.

Some day we will install a bathtub here, and the problem will forever be gone!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Day 320

Our fruit bowl. I try to keep fruits at home most of the time, and also I try to bring a fruit to work each day. Today I forgot about the apples and clementines when I went out the door, so I'll try tomorrow again. Wonder if the clementines has got that sweet taste yet.. It is a little early here for them, so I suppose they are still sour.

If anyone wonders about the flowery fruit bowl; yes, it is IKEA. :)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Day 319

We got sunshine today! Not much, but I saw some rays and shadows, so it was definitely there. Ebba and I took a long walk in the rather warm weather, and ended up in a mud-puddle. The rain the last couple of weeks had made this road extremely dirty, and Ebba got mud up her legs. We didn't turn around though, but choose a little different path, until we got to solid ground again. I probably don't have to mention that Ebba got a shower when we got home!

Day 318

Daniel will leave for a couple of days tomorrow morning, and we are having a cozy dinner tonight. We have cooked blue mussels, fried scallops and avocados with shellfish sauce. It was all very delicious, served with white wine and nice company. =)

Day 317

Grandma picked Linus up at daycare today, and when we had finished working we also went to Grandmas house, to have tacos and stay until tomorrow.

Here is Linus and Grandma reading one of the toy-store Christmas folder that has come now. Linus is pointing at everything "cool", and hope Santa will bring it for Christmas.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Day 316

Kindergarten is pretty far from where we live, about 10 kilometers. Almost everyday when we pick up Linus he tells us some about his day, and then fall asleep. So he ends up having a nice 10 minutes sleep in the afternoon, which isn't so bad after a busy day at daycare. Today he was a little tired still when we got home, so he rested in the sofa while waiting for us to get ready to take a walk with Ebba.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Day 315

Lol, funny-ear-Ebba. Boxers supposed to have nice folded ear-flaps that covers the ear. Ebbas are folded, but in the other direction, so her ears look more like those on an amstaff dog (uncut of course, all dog should have uncut ears, IMHO). Anyway, when lying down, the ears often gets straight up, and she looks more funnier than usually. =)

Day 314

To be honest, this picture is taken a couple of minutes after midnight, but I'm gonna use it as todays picture anyway. =)

Daniel has two work colleagues from Stockholm here this week, and tonight we decided to join them for food and beer. It was a nice night out, but it got a little late, hence the late picture.

The picture shows our two cats playing/teasing with each other. The younger, Zoey, at the bottom, is a real tease sometimes, and Zelda gets really annoyed. This encounter included high noises from an unhappy Zelda.

Day 313

Niklas, who's party we went to on Saturday, is a devoted barbecue chef. There were pulled pork with accessories and a fantastic chili for dinner that evening, and late at night the ribs were served. As we had to leave right about then, we got a doggy-bag with ribs to take home. And tonight we had them for dinner, with French fries and a side salad. It was very yummy this time too!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Day 312

Happy International Digital Scrapbook day!! A little belated, as it was yesterday. But I was busy yesterday with going to the party, so I set out for shopping Digital Scrap supplies today. Here is a kit from Flergs that I have had my eyes on for a while, and finally I bought it. Hopefully I'll have time some day to scrap with it. :)

Day 311

Congratulations Niklas on your 40th Birthday!

We were invited to a friends Birthday party, along with a lot of other friends whom also work at Ericsson. It was really fun and they had made a delicious barbecue of pork and chili. The birthday child is in the middle of the picture, surrounded by friends and family.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Day 310

I haven't read books in quite a while, but the other day I ordered a book and now I can't stop reading. There is a movie coming up now, based on this book; My Sister's Keeper. I read about the movie, but when I found out there was a book behind it I decided to read it instead.

The story is very touching, and really shows that the world isn't just black or white. What is right from one point of view can be totally wrong from another, and I find such stories interesting as it forces the reader (or at least me) to work my mind around what I believe in.

And I also enjoy reading a book again!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Day 309

A picture of the snow; some small snowflakes landed on the hood of my jacket while walking the dogs this morning. Later on it started raining, and right now it is very dark and wet. I would prefer white snow, it makes everything a lot lighter.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Day 308

It snowed today! Yep, first snow for the season, and I had no camera while it still was daylight to capture it with. But writing it here is also a placeholder for remembering. =)

Instead of snow you get a tropical flower; one of my orchids. For some reason they all have sprouting flower stems. I don't know if it has something to do with the changing light or the fact that the radiators have started to produce warmth, but it is very exciting. I almost forget between the blooming times what color they have.

Day 307

The moon was really incredible tonight; large and detailed, just below the tree-tops when we drove home from picking Linus up at kindergarten. I'm sure it would have made a great picture, but when we got out with the dogs it had already gotten too dark and the moon had risen above the trees, and the perspective made it's size look more ordinary. Oh well, a not-so-good-picture is also a picture, right?

Monday, November 2, 2009

Day 306

This is my gym-bag. Every Monday and Wednesday night I pack the bag so that it is ready on Tuesday and Thursday morning to go with me to work. At lunch Daniel, I and another work-friend, Britt-Marie, works out at the gym before eating. It is fun to work out together, and it is very motivating. I can't just skip a training because I don't feel like it, that is not accepted. Only sickness and traveling are cause for not training. =)

By the way, aren't the stuff well coordinated? ;) We got the back-pack from the company, and the water bottle as well. The fact that my shoes matches the bag is completely coincidental! But I kind of like the colors anyway, it is a happy orange color.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Day 305

Today was all grey and cold, and I wanted something warm when we got inside again. So this is what I poured up; glögg (mulled wine). This one is non-alcoholic and perfect for an everyday-warm-up.

It is a little early, we usually wait for the first of advent before we start drinking glögg, but I like it a lot and as they had started selling it in our grocery shop I thought it would be nice with a glass and some gingerbread.

Day 304

The way back from Åland is almost as fun as the night before. We had a good time just relaxing, and also enjoying the pool-area for a while. They had a wonderful sauna with panorama windows and a beautiful view over the archipelago. Even if it looks cold and unpleasant outside, it was almost tropical inside.

Day 303

We only worked half the day today, cause the bus for Stockholm and our cruise left Linköping at lunch. Yes, it is time for another cruise to Åland. We were five work-friends that got on the bus, and we met up with five more friends in Stockholm.

The picture above is taken while we waited to get on our boat; it is the Old City of Stockholm.

Here is Daniel and Maria, who is the one arranging this trips for us. She makes all the bookings and arrangements and we only pay and enjoy. =)

As always this trip was tons of fun, good food and happy people.

Day 302

Nothing too much special today. This picture is from our afternoon walk with Ebba and Emma. It is getting darker earlier now, and the sun was already under the horizon when I got this shot. There will be lots more indoor-pictures to come now when we hardly get any sunlight in the afternoons!