Sunday, February 28, 2010

Day 56

Nope, no picture for today.

I worked all day and then we had a meeting with our housing-cooperative board. After that I hurried home to watch the women ice hockey bronze final. Sweden played against Finland. It was quite a good game, as the teams are pretty even in skills, and Sweden played a lot better than in the previous games. But Finland scored 4-3 during extra time and neither of the Swedish hockey teams got any medal at this Olympic games. The men lost to Slovakia the night before (same morning for us).

Day 55

The title on this little booklet is "Passport for Pets". Between Sweden and Norway it is possible to travel with your pets without any preparations, as neither of the countries has rabies. But if you want to take your dog or cat or so to the rest of the European union, it is necessary to have a "passport" for the animal stating that a rabies vaccination has been taken.

This passport is for Ebba, as we plan to take our caravan to Germany this summer, and wants to take here with us. She'll get her second shot next week, and then we have to wait 120 days before they can take the blood sample showing that she has got the rabies antibodies. Then it will summer and we will be ready to travel.

Day 54

Another packet arrived in the mail today; a pair of party-shoes. I love the heel on these, quite high but still stable due to the wedge. They will be perfect on Friday.

You might wonder how I dare to mail-order shoes, but I have used this brand for a while, and I'm pretty familiar with their sizes. These looked like they could fit, and they did!

Day 53

Ouch, one complete week behind.. I have no idea where this week went!

Anyway, here is Monday and Zoey. I guess not much happened, and the weather were probably grey and cold.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Day 52

Sunday spoiled us with clear blue skies, and lots of snow. It is no longer possible to use the sidewalk as they have put the snow from the road there. Lucky this is no heavy-traffic road.

Here is when we got back after our little walk. Daniel, Linus and Ebba climbed one of the snow-piles at the end of the street, and Linus was thrilled to sled downhill.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Day 51

Today we finally got ourselves a bed. Of course we had somewhere to sleep before too ;), but only the mattresses. Now, after living in this flat for two years, we have a complete bed.

This one is made of leather and has two practical drawers beneath. I have ordered a bed cover too, hope it will arrive early next week. And then there will be lamps mounted on the wall, and maybe a shelf. It is clearly not done yet, but anyway I'm happy with the look of the bed in our bedroom.

Day 50

I was planning to take a photo of all the snow outside, but it got dark before I reminded it, so I'll substitute the snow with a more tropical item.

Day 49

Ebba sleeping in Daniels lap, while he is watching the Olympic Games on the TV.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Day 48

This is a bargain! I found it at discount in a web-shop, and when I ordered I found out that all discounted items were 20% off. So this was below half price in the end. And it is fun to get packets in the mail, even if I have ordered them myself. =)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Day 47

I guess you haven't missed that the Olympic games has began? We have watched all we can before it is bedtime, but unfortunately a lot of interesting parts are run during our night. Anyway, this was on Swedish prime-time; our second gold! This time in the men's biathlon. The first was in womens cross-country skiing.

Day 46

We went shopping on Sunday morning, and I found this wooden "love" word in a store. I've been looking for something like this for a while, and I thought it fitted perfectly on the frame shelf.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day 45

Happy Valentines day (a little late now)!

A year ago Daniel and I got engaged on a Mexican beach. Today we celebrated that occasion in a snow covered wind shield, but still with the sun in our eyes. Daniel brought a small bottle of Champagne on our walk with Ebba to surprise me. Later on at night we had a lobster dinner, yum! Romantic, wasn't it? =)

Day 44

Our neighbors visited tonight, and we spent the day cooking for the dinner. Unfortunately I forgot to take any pictures of the evening. But I had to capture the beautiful tulips that I bought at the grocery store. I love colorful tulips, they reminds me that there is a spring coming.

Day 43

On Friday night we went to pick Linus up at his mother and drove down to visit Daniels parents. We had a nice evening with delicious dinner and Linus was happy to meet with his grandparents. Later on at night Daniel did some sauna bathing, and even ran out in the snow to cool down.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Day 42

Movie night. We decided to see Avatar and got tickets for the late show (9PM). As we needed something to eat before, we met up with a friend at "our" pub after work for dinner. It was a nice night out, and I managed to stay awake for the whole movie even though it was very long. The story was nothing extraordinary, but the scenery was stunning. Soo cool!

Day 41

An afternoon walk with Ebba. It is about half past four, and it is still kind of light outside. We are fast approaching longer days now! I don't mind the snow, but a little more sunshine really makes my day.

Day 40

The orchids continue blooming. Must be some kind of orchid season. =)

Day 39

When walking with Ebba this morning I saw that someone had prepared cross-country skiing tracks. It was about 20 years since I last did any skiing of this kind, but the skis are still in the storage. So this afternoon I dug them out and tried. It was actually kind of fun, but I broke one pole so I guess I have to get a new one before next run.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Day 38

Today we got sunshine as well! We had a wonderful time on the golf course riding the sled down the hills while Daniel borrowed the neighbors snowmobile and roamed the area.

Day 37

There are lots of things going on in this picture... Dad didn't want to go onto the roof to get rid of the snow, so he was happy that Daniel showed up and helped him. Linus was happy to get a large pile of snow to jump in. And Daniel was happy of the opportunity to "accidentally" push a large chunk of snow on my mother. =)

I think in the end we all got snow down our collars by Daniels shoveling on the roof, but we also had a lot of fun playing in the snow and running the sled down the little hill.

Day 36

My mothers cat, "Skalman". Right after work we all packed into the car and drove up to my parents for the weekend. It always feels good to be home!

Day 35

Another cell phone camera picture right outside work. There is a little bird in the tree that sang so beautifully in the morning sunlight. Wish you could have heard it instead of looking at it in this crappy picture. ;-)

Day 34

A picture taken with my cell phone camera. These are icicles hanging from the little roof covering our door at work. They got pretty impressive the last days when the sun warmed the snow on the roof.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Day 33

Linus watching a dvd before bedtime. It is not possible to see, but he is watching Scooby Doo, for I don't know which time. He got it as a Christmas gift from my uncle, but it is just the last weeks that he has begun looking at it. Great with Christmas gifts that lasts!

Day 32

Winter continues! It has snowed today again, and the courtyard begins to fill up. It is sure a topic on everyones mind! I love it though, so fantastic to have a real winter.

It was many years ago when we had this much snow for so long. Now the snow came two weeks before Christmas, and is still here, about two months later.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day 31

Another day of -18C (0F). The day started out grey and snowy, but after lunch the sun showed up. Here we are at the top of the mountain, getting fascinated by the radio towers all covered in snow.

We got to ski until the busses left for home at about 3PM. Then we had an uneventful ride home, and arrived in Linköping at 11:30PM, very tired. Tomorrow it is back to work again.

Day 30

The thermometer showed -18C (0F) today, and it still snowed a little. So cold! We were still skiing, but it wasn't very pleasant. The worst part is sitting in the ski lift, it gets very chilly there in the air. One has to get warm on the way down! =)

Day 29

It was a little colder today, about -12C (10F), and snowing. So we put on a little more clothes and arrived in the slope at 9AM when the ski lifts opened.

The lifts closes at 3:30PM, as it gets dark not long after, but this is when the after-ski starts. It is important to get up with the last lift as the after-ski is placed in the middle of one slope, and it is necessary to ski there.

On both Friday and Saturday there were live musicians on the stage, playing all kinds of catchy tunes, and we all sang along loudly. Then we skied carefully home to the cabin in the darkness.

Day 28

We arrived at our cabin around 2AM Thursday morning, and after sleeping for some hours the bus left again for the ski rental place at 8:30AM. At 9:30AM we were at the slope.

Today it is about -5C (23F) and a little sunshine. The skiing is really good. Here is the view from right after the main chairlift. Far away in the distance it is possible to see the Swedish fells.

Day 27

It started snowing a lot right before we got on the bus outside work, and the trip went slowly north. We were lucky to have a good bus-driver who drove very safely on the 10 hour trip. Yes, it is a long time, it should have taken about 7 hours to get to Trysil in Norway, but the snow slowed us down.

Even though it took a lot of time we had a good time on the bus. Here is Daniel in party-mood. =) The fourteen of us sharing cabin had got the seats on the lower floor of the bus, and sitting around tables really makes the ride more fun.