Thursday, October 15, 2009

Day 287

We went out with some friends from work to have a beer and chat away. It was a fun night, and we also got together with a Portuguese guy that works for a month at Daniels department.

He really wanted to watch the Portuguese football game against Malta, and it showed at our local pub. Sweden also played tonight, against Albania, but Malta had to beat Portugal for Sweden to have a chance to play in the World Cup next year. And Malta just don't beat Portugal. Definitely not when Portugal plays at home.

This is us on the bus home when the game was over. We are not too sorry, as you can see. =)


  1. * Lol * Es sieht aus wie es war eine lustige Nacht ...

  2. cute shot and it seems you had a funny and fantastic night!

  3. But it was certainly a nice evening!

  4. Ha ha, it's great when things go your way in football games. This is a great self-shot. I like taking photos of Todd and I with the "long arm".